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For the first time ever, I've taken the proven interview coaching process I walk my clients through to help them uncover the unique edge, unusual advantages, and extra benefits they have to offer employers...

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Dear Coach,

How much time are you spending with your clients to assist them to get to the “Elevator Speech,” “Personal Statement” or “Tell me about yourself” question.”

You probably have been following a similar process that I have I have been using for years:

You might recognize this process – it goes something like this:

COACH: “Okay, Melissa, Tell me about yourself, or why should we hire you?”

MELISSA: “Well, let me begin when I was in high school … . and then I….. and then…..”
The rest of the statement goes on and on and leads nowhere in particular.

It is now up to you to make sense of what she has said and to pull it all together into a succinct statement. This can take an extensive amount of time depending on what you have to work with.

That was the old way. Labor intense work.

Let me tell you what I have come up with to make your life so much simpler.

What would you say if I told you that you can outsource the work and have it “done-for-you?”

Not by hiring a third-party – but just by pushing a button with an online application?

AND the result would be a succinct 5-point statement for you to work with - that you can email to your client almost instantly.

In today’s competitive job market even getting to the interview is a big deal for your client. You want to make sure that they don’t blow the interview by not being able to sell him or her self. You want them to get the job they want.

This product will shorten the intake portion of your coaching and allow you to spend more time helping them practice and hone in on what’s important to the job they are applying for – giving them more value for their money.

Seeing is believing – I am offering a trial version for you as a coach.

Why not “test drive” and see if this is the right product for you or your business or center?

Simply order today and you will instantly be taken to a page to create your account to get started.

Once you see how well the product works – we know you will want more. We have a special offer for you to try these with your clients.

You can get 10 Branding Sessions for only $199.85. That’s only about $20 for each client – that’s ….less than we are offering the product to individuals. And for a limited time, you will receive free of charge 10 extra sessions. If you are not completely happy with the software within the first month, we will refund your full payment - you have nothing to loose.

Using this online branding tool, you can work on our client’s Personal Brand as you talk with him/her or take their information from their resume and add it to the client’s statement, rewrite it as needed, print it out, come back and work on it over and over.

What would you rather be spending your time on – working and reworking the 5-point statement manually, like I used to do, or spending more time with your client practicing?

Click here to get started with your account now - they will be “Done-For-You” at the push of a button.

Here are some responses from clients who have used my proven 5-point statement method.

Hi Carole:

"I was able to deliver the 5 points! It is very easy to forget if you don't use your fingers because of the nervousness and constant eye contact. The fact I could use my fingers to remember the 5 points was immensely helpful!" Alex
Hi Carole:

"First, I used your five points today in my interview with xxxxxxx. They worked out great. As you mentioned to really mine the gold and I determined beforehand that they were looking for expertise in change, lean implementation, organizational diagnostics and high performing work systems. I then went back to my five points and made sure that I specifically hit these areas hard as well as telling how I did it and why. Much more compelling. Before I was trying to go into the minute details now I hit the high points. Night and day difference, so thank you." -- Thomas A. Norfleet

With the push of a button you'll be able to...

Real Life " Before Job Branding" and "After Job Branding"
Listen to the Magic!

Before the Job Branding Tool
Click the left button to listen

After the Job Branding Tool
Click the left button to listen

Now Make YOUR Job Easier and Make it Look Like Magic to Your Client - You Will Be Their Hero!

Look, I could ask you to just take my word and trust that this software will make the impact and difference I've described in this report.

But I know you won't really believe the incredible difference a job winning brand can make until you see it in action for yourself. Until you've identified your unique advantages and tried them out with your clients.

That's why I'd like to let you try out my software risk-free. Go through the building and instruction process. Let the tool work its magic. And try out the customized branding statements and interview answers the software generates for you.

If you aren't completely thrilled with the results you get. And I mean absolutely ecstatic within the first month, you can cancel without paying a penny. You get a full free month to try out the software for 20 of your clients! Place your order today to take advantage of this limited time offer. This is not a subscription or monthly recurring payment, you only pay when you need spots for 10 more clients. You choose when you need more client forms. We NEVER charge your card automatically.

To your success,
Carole Martin

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