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Dear Job Seeker,
I don't have to tell you how tough it is out there...

Whether you've just started the hunt for a new job, or you've been at it for months - you know the odds are stacked against you. More and more job seekers are competing for available positions, and no end in sight to the toughest job market we've seen in decades.

It's a whole new ball game, and the rules have changed...

Going the extra mile just isn't enough anymore

It used to be that all you needed to land your dream job was to go that extra mile... ...but the "extra mile" just isn't cutting it anymore. Because EVERYONE is now going the extra mile in an attempt to stand out in today's fiercely competitive market.

And with many job openings receiving dozens,
even 100's of applications...

It's easier than ever to get lost in the crowd

I've spoken with many job seekers who have spent months toiling away each day submitting applications, making follow up calls, going to interviews... only to end up right where they started. Without a job, and with a shadow of mounting debt, worry, and frustration slowly swallowing them up. This is unfortunately the norm in today's market.

And yet, despite overwhelming competition and a dwindling number of available jobs...
people are still getting hired.

So what does make the difference between the people who get hired, and the people who don't?

Is it just luck or random chance?

I can say with 100% confidence that it's not because of luck.

I know, because for 18 years I sat on the other side of the interview desk conducting literally 1,000's of interviews as a hiring manager for a wide range of different companies and organizations.

While I've never seen a recession as deep and far reaching as this one, I did hiring for top companies during past recessions.

Here's something very important you need to understand about hunting for a job in a recession or what is officially called a "highly competitive job market"...

A "Behind The Scenes" Look at How Hiring Decisions
are Really Made in a Competitive Job Market

There are two big misconceptions people make in a tough market.

The first we already covered... that with so many people applying for a single position, the person who gets hired must just be lucky.

And the second is that people tend to assume, if there are lots of people applying for a position... there are probably some people in the group of applicants that are way more qualified and experienced than they are. So the job would naturally go to them.

But here's the truth:

While your qualifications are certainly important factors, hiring decisions in a tough market more often than not come down to small, subtle differences in what candidates have to offer.

You see, with so many candidates to choose from, employers will narrow down the list to a dozen or so of the most qualified applicants... and in most cases, these dozen applicants will actually be pretty much equally qualified.

These are the people who get asked to an interview.

During the interview, the hiring manager's job is to find the person among the group who has an extra edge, something uniquely beneficial they can bring to the company above and beyond the other candidates. And it's that extra edge, that uniquely beneficial trait that ultimately wins the job.

So what makes you unique?
What extra benefit do you bring to the table?

Most job seekers don't have an answer to this question. Or, if they do, it's usually the same canned answer that everyone else is using. This is deadly in a tough market like the one you're in today.

If you can't clearly communicate the unique advantages you have to offer an employer in a powerful, compelling way - the odds are extremely good that you're going to lose the position to someone who can.

Which means trudging ahead for weeks and probably months without a job. Watching your bills pile up and your savings dwindle. Feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. And wondering how much longer you'll be able to make it as your time without a job drags on.

How to instantly become the top candidate
for even the most competitive positions

But imagine if you could quickly and easily come up with not just one... but three, four, five or more unique advantages and benefits that you could pull out like secret weapons in your next interview.

And each one would completely WOW even the toughest hiring manager, making it obvious that they have to hire you.

Together, the unique benefits and the way you articulate them launches you so far ahead of the other candidates that hiring you turns into a "no brainer" for the hiring manager.

Wouldn't it be great walking into your next interview knowing you can create an instant edge over virtually everyone there? Now, there's an easy way to uncover what sets you apart from the crowd…

Uncover your arsenal of unique advantages!

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In a matter of minutes, this software will walk you through my step-by-step personal branding process. When you're done, you'll have a ready-to-use, completely custom tailored "cheat sheet" of interview answers - injected with your job winning traits and unique advantages that will instantly set you apart in the hiring manager's mind.

With the push of a button you'll be able to...

Real Life " Before Job Branding" and "After Job Branding"
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Your detailed answers to specific questions will be compiled into your own personal branding statement. This statement is basically a concise, impactful summary of your "brand" and all the unique benefits you bring to the table.

Saying this statement in an interview is like magic to a hiring managers ears! It will instantly trigger the alarm bells in their head that they have found a top candidate.

Your brand will also be "injected" into a series of key interview answers - that you can use for some of the toughest interview questions hiring managers throw at you. You'll be able to "sprinkle" your unique qualities throughout your interview, and leave a powerful, lasting impression on the hiring manager.

This branding blueprint will be your cheat sheet for rising above and beyond the competition, and becoming the candidate with the extra edge that gets the job!

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Hi Carole:

"First, I used your five points today in my interview with xxxxxxx. They worked out great. As you mentioned to really mine the gold and I determined beforehand that they were looking for expertise in change, lean implementation, organizational diagnostics and high performing work systems. I then went back to my five points and made sure that I specifically hit these areas hard as well as telling how I did it and why. Much more compelling. Before I was trying to go into the minute details now I hit the high points. Night and day difference, so thank you." -- Thomas A. Norfleet
"I want to sincerely thank you for preparing the most amazing interview training program ever and you deserve all praise. Using your course I was able to prepare my elevator speech, strengths and weakness script, why should I hire you story and my experience story. This is so amazing that anyone with limited knowledge of job interviews can start using it right away." Sameer

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To your success,